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We just wanted to let everyone know about the TLC food we are now feeding our dogs.  We are having wonderful results.  We are big believers in natural products for the dogs and puppies' needs. We do not like filling their bodies with chemicals and worse, by-products. 

After much research, we decided to use TLC WholeLIfe FoodTLC is made with all-natural ingredients and has a high, human quality, meat percentage (over 60%).  Our dogs and pups love the taste.  Because of TLC's high digestive properties the 'out-put' (stool) is less, a fact that Brian appreciates as his is on poop-detail.

The cost of a case (2-8kg. bags or approx. 36 lbs) is $56.95.  (Compare this price to the $63.00+ that you pay at the vet's for ONE 8 kg. bag.)  We've compared the ingredients and from what we've seen, TLC is the superior food.

TLC recommends feeding the dogs 'one cup for every 20 lb. dog weight PER DAY.  It is a highly concentrated food, therefore you feed less.  The food comes 2-8kg. bags per case.  Each 8 kg. bag has approx. 68 cups (yes, we counted).  So for example, your pup/dog is 60 lbs. you would be feeding three cups DAILY.  Each 8 kg. bag should last you 22 days.  Therefore, each CASE will last you about 40 to 44 days.  And each case costs $56.95.  Not a bad price, eh?

TLC CANNOT be purchased through normal pet retail outlets.  We are assuming this is why they can keep their prices low, because there is no 'middle man'.   TLC can be ordered securely online, by phone or by fax, and shipping is Free in Canada and the USA!   They also have an AUTOSHIP program which allows you to schedule your free deliveries for greater convenience.  Therefore, TLC will arrive at your door on a regularly set schedule and you will never be stuck without food for your pup/dog.

TLC Wholelife Products carry three products and we use ALL THREE.

DOG FOOD - Lamb/Poultry/Rice Formular with a Herbal Pack
     note:  We wean our pups right on to the adult food.  We have never used any brand of 'puppy food'. 
              The growth rate is too fast for large breed dogs.

DOG BUSCUITS - Lamb and Rice Formula with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

CAT FOOD - Poultry and Rice Formula with a Herbal Pack

Brian and Valerie Cooper
Reg'd Labrador Retrievers

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